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Multistep evolution of βo phase during isothermal annealing of Ti-42Al-5Mn alloy: Formation of Laves phase Tang H J,Li X B, Ma Y C,Chen B,Xing W W,Zhao P X,Shu L,Zhang M S,Liu K INTERMETALLICS 2020 126
Insights into the gradient-characteristic precipitation behaviors of laves phase induced by Fe/W/Mo addition in Ti42Al5Mn alloy Tang H J,Xing W W,Li X B,Chen B,Zhao P X, Shu L,Zhang M S,Ma Y C,Liu K INTERMETALLICS 2020 128
Effect of carbon on the microstructure and element distribution in Ti42Al5Mn alloy Tang H J,Li X B,Xing W W,Ma Y C,Chen B,Liu K,Xia Y H,Lin K MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2020 36 17 1883-1892
Kinetics study of nitrogen removal from liquid IN718 alloy during vacuum induction melting Qian K, Chen B, Zhang L, Du Z H, Liu K VACUUM 2020 179
Improved High?Temperature Oxidation Properties for Mn?Containing Beta?Gamma TiAl with W Addition Zhao P X,Li X B,Tang H J,Ma Y C,Chen B,Xing W W,Liu K,Yu J OXIDATION OF METALS 2020 93 5-6 433-448
Effects of microstructure evolution on the deformation mechanisms and tensile properties of a new Ni-base superalloy during aging at 800 ℃ Hou K L,Wang M,Ou M Q,Li H Z,Hao X C,Ma Y C,Liu K JOURMAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2020 68 40-52
Effect of boron addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of K4750 nickel-based superalloy Li X X, Ou M Q, Wang M, Zhang L, Ma Y C, Liu K JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2020 36 60 177-185
Microstructure evolution and stress rupture properties of K4750 alloys with various B contents during long-term aging Li X X, Ou M Q, Wang M, Zha X D, Ma Y C, Liu K JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2020 36 73 108-115
Impacts of aging treatments on the microstructural evolutions, mechanical properties and strengthening mechanism in 1Cr15Ni36W3Ti Li H Z, Zhang W N, Li M, Gao M, Ma Y C, Liu K JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 2020 847
Microstructural evolution and tensile property of 1Cr15Ni36W3Ti superalloy during thermal exposure Li H Z, Gao M, Li M, Ma Y C, Liu K JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2020 73 193-204
Formation Mechanism of Microstructural Non-uniformity in the Hot Working of Commercial-scale Electro-slag Remelted Alloy 690 Ingots Wang M, Yi H Y, Zhao X, Zhang L, Ma Y C, Liu K METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A-PHYSICAL METALLURGY AND MATERIAL 2020 49 11 3996-4007
First-principles study of hydrogen trapping behavior in face centered cubic metals (M=Ni, Cu and Al) with monovacancy Xing W W, Chen X Q,Li X B, Ma Y C, Chen B, Liu K INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY 2020 45 46 25555-25566
Precipitation of dendritic M23C6 carbides in alloy 690 during continuous cooling Zhao X, Wang M,Hao X C,Zha X D,Gao M,Ma Y C,Liu K JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 2020 851
Effect of Mg Addition on the Temper Embrittlement in 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel Doped with 0.056% P —Mg Segregation Behavior at Grain Boundary Xiaobing Li, Xin Dong, Pengxiang Zhao, Weiwei Xing, Leilei Ding, Nannan Zhang, Yingche Ma, Kui Liu JOURNAL OF IRON AND STEEL RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2020
Phase Characterization and Formation Behavior in 6 wt% Si High-silicon Austenitic Stainless Steel during Isothermal Aging Chen S H, Liang T, Zhou Y T, Xing W W, Zheng C W, Ma Y C, Wu J M, Li G B, Liu K ACTA METALLURGICA SINICA (ENGLISH LETTERS) 2020
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