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Dark-blue mirror-like perovskite dense films for efficient organic–inorganic hybrid solar cells. Qiu J H,Wang G X,Xu W J, Jin Q,Liu L S,Yang B,Tai K P, Cao A Y, Jiang X Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2016 4 3689-3696
Hybrid diamond/graphite films as electrodes for anodic strippingvoltammetry of trace Ag+and Cu2+ Guo Y N, Huang N, Yang B, Wang C, Zhuang H, Tian Q Q, Zhai Z F, Liu L S, Jiang X Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical 2016 231 194-202
Photochemical modification of single crystalline GaN film using n?Alkene with different carbon chain lengths as biolinker Wang C, Zhuang H, Huang N, Heuser S, Schlemper C, Zhai Z F, Liu B D, Staedler T, Jiang X Langmuir 2016 32 23 5731-5737
Growth of large-scale heteroepitaxial 3C-SiC films and nanosheets on silicon substrates by microwave plasma enhanced CVD at higher powers Wang C, Huang N, Zhuang H, Zhai Z F,Yang B, Liu L S, Jiang X Surface & Coatings Technology 2016 299 96-103
Photochemical functionalization of diamond films using a shortcarbon chain acid Wang C, Huang N, Zhuang H, Yang B, Zhai Z F, Jiang X Chemical Physics Letters 2016 646 87-90
Hybrid diamond/graphite films: morphological evolution, microstructure and tribological properties Tian Q Q,Yang B, Zhuang H, Guo Y N, Wang C, Zhai Z F, Liu L S, Huang N, Jiang X Diamond & Related Materials 2016 70 179-185
Defect-induced strain relaxation in 3C-SiC films grown on a (100) Si substrate at low temperature in one step1466-8033 Yang B, Zhuang H, Li J H, Huang N, Liu L S, Tai K P, Jiang X CrystEngComm 2016 18 6817-6823
Solubility and crystallographic facet tailoring of (GaN)1?x(ZnO)x pseudobinary solid-solution nanostructures as promising photocatalysts Li J, Liu B D, Yang W J, Cho Y, Zhang X L, Dierre B, Sekiguchi T, Wu A M, Jiang, X Nanoscale 2016 8 3694-3703
3D-branched hierarchical 3C-SiC/ZnO heterostructures for high-performance photodetectors Zhang X L, Liu B D, Yang W J, Jia W B, Li J, Jiang C H, Jiang X Nanoscale 2016 8 17573-17580
Layered crystalline ZnIn2S4 nanosheets: CVD synthesis and photo-electrochemical properties Yang W J, Liu, B D, Fang T, Jennifer W A, Christophe L, Li Z S, Zhang X L, Jiang, X Nanoscale 2016 8 18197-18203
Tunable and enhanced luminescence of Ba2-xCaxSiO4-yN2/3y:Eu2+ phosphors for white light-emitting diodes Zhang X L, Liu B D, Yang W J, Jiang X Progress in Natural Science: Materials International 2016 3 26 312-318
Ternary In2S3/In2O3 heterostructures and their cathodoluminescence Yang W J, Liu B D, Cho Y, Yang B, Dierre B, Sekiguchi T, Jiang X RSC Advances 2016 6 51089-51095
New strategy to the synthesis of MnWO4 photocatalysts for efficient and cyclic utilization in pollutant degradation Jiang Y N, Liu B D, Yang W J, Yang B, Liu X Y, Zhang X L, Mohsin M A, Jiang X CrystEngComm 2016 18 1832-1841
Local faceting in coarsening of nanolaminates with low angle boundaries in pure nickel Xie H, Zhang H W, Li J G, Lu K SCRIPTA MATERIALIA 2016 122 1 110-114
Metallurgy is key Lu k NATURE MATERIALS 2016 15 699-700
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