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SVET and ToF-SIMS Studies onthe GalvanicCorrosion of β-phase/Aluminum Couple in Aqueous Solutions as a Function of pH A.I. Ikeuba, B. Zhang, I.I. Benedict JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 2020 167 021507-
Constrained minimal-interface structures in polycrystalline copper with extremely fine grains Li XY, Jin ZH, Zhou X, Lu K Science 2020 370 6518 831-836
Rapid heating induced ultrahigh stability of nanograined copper Li XY, Zhou X, Lu K Science Advances 2020 6 17 eaaz8003-
Deformation induced grain boundary segregation in nanolaminated Al–Cu alloy Xu W, Liu XC, Li XY, Lu K Acta Materialia 2020 182 207-214
Stabilizing nanograined metals with grain boundary relaxation Zhou X, Li XY, Lu K Scripta Materialia 2020 187 345-349
70nm: The most unstable grain size in Cu prepared by surface mechanical grinding treatment Zhou X, Li XY, Lu K Nano Materials Science 2020 2 32-
Suppression of grain boundary migration at cryogenic temperature in an extremely fine nanograined Ni-Mo alloy Hu J, Li JX, Shi YN Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2020 57 65-69
Plastic deformation induced extremely fine nano-grains in nickel Guo XK, Luo ZP, Li XY, Lu K Materials Science and Engineering A 2020 802 140664-
Friction of stable gradient nano-grained metals Chen X, Han Z, Li XY, Lu K Scripta Materialia 2020 185 82-
Orientation dependence of mechanically induced grain boundary migration in nano-grained copper Hou JX, Li XY, Lu K Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2020 68 30-
A FinFET with one atomic layer channel Chen ML, Sun XD, Liu H, Wang HW, Zhu QB, Wang SS, Du HF, Dong BJ, Zhang J, Liu S, Sun DM, Han Z Nature Communications 2020 11 1 1205-
Room?temperature?ferromagnetism?in?ultra-thin?van?der?Waals?crystals?of?1T-CrTe2 Sun XD, Li WY, Wang X, Sui Q, Zhang TY, Wang Z, Yang T, Han Z, Han XF, Zhang ZD Nano Research 2020 13 12 3358-3363
Metal–insulator transition in few-layered GaTe transistors Xia XX, Li XX, Wang HW Journal of Semiconductors 2020 68 82-
A?Flexible?Carbon?Nanotube?Sen-Memory?Device Qu TY, Sun Y, Chen ML, Liu ZB, Zhu QB, Wang BW, Zhao TY, Liu C, Qiu S, Li QW, Han Z, Wang W, Cheng HM, Sun DM Advanced Materials 2020 32 1907288-
Creation of Al-Enriched Mesoporous ZSM-5 Nanoboxes with High Catalytic Activity: Converting Tetrahedral Extra-Framework Al into Framework Sites by Post Treatment Jiao Y L,L. Forster,Xu S,Chen H, J. Han, X. Liu,Zhou Y,Liu J,Zhang J,Yu J, C. D'Agostino, Fan X L Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2020 59 44 19478-19486
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