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Characterization of tilt and twist low angle grain boundaries and their effects on intermediate-tempearture creep deformation behaviour Wang Y, Wang D, Zhang G, Lou L H, Zhang J Superalloys 2016 2016 757-762
Effect of skew angle of holes on the thermal fatigue behavior of a Ni-base single crystal superalloy Zhou Z J, Yu D Q, Wang L, Lou L H Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) 2016 -
Preparation of AgCl Nanocubes and Their Application as Efficient Photoinitiators in the Polymerization of N-Isopropylacrylamide Yang Y,Zhao Y,Yan Y K,Wang Y L,Guo C Y,Zhang J S JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2015 119 46 14807-14813
Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over a rotating stirrer reactor made of SiC foam supported Al2O3 and Pt catalysts Min Q W,Li K,Jiang C H,Xu W G,Yang Z M,Zhang J S CATALYSIS COMMUNICATIONS 2016 83 62-65
Sudden transition from columnar to equiaxed grain of cast copper induced by rare earth microalloying Chen Y, Zhang S H, Song H W, Cheng M, Li H H, Liu J S MATERIALS AND DESIGN 2016 91 5 314-320
Effect of Cold Rolling and Heat Treatment on the Mechnical Properties of GH4169 Alloy Sheet at Room Temperatiure Zhang S H, Ye N Y, Cheng M, Song H W, Zhou H W, Wang P O MTEALS 2016 6 1 1-11
Numerical and experimental study on large deformation of thin-walled tube through hydroforging process Xu Y, Ma Y,Zhang S H, Chen D Y, Zhang X S, Li J M, Zhao C J THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 2016 87 5 1885-1890
Absorptivity and purification of La in as-cast pure copper Chen Y, Li H H, Zhang S H, Cheng M, Song H W, Liu J S MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2016 32 17 1757-1762
Estimation of thermodynamic properties of Cu–La binary alloy with modified miedema’s theory Li H H, Zhang S H, Chen Y, Cheng M, Song H W, Liu J S RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMSITRY A 2016 90 1 11-17
Analysis of deformation and internal defect in flat-wedge cross-wedge rolling of GH4169 superalloy Chen Y, Gan H Y, Zhang S H, Cheng M, Song H W MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM 2016 879 324-329
control of Hall angle of Skyrmion driven by electric current Liu G B, Li D, de Chatel P F,Wang J, Liu W and Zhang Z D CHINESE PHYSICS B 2016 25 6 067203 -1-067203 -5
Resonant excitation of coupled skyrmions by spin-transfer torque Dai Y Y, Wang H, Yang T and Zhang Z D. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B 2016 30 2 1550254 -1-1550254 -
Local microstructure evolution at shear bands in metallic glasses with nanoscale phase separation He J, Kaban I, Mattern N, Song K, Sun B, Zhao J Z, Kim D H, Eckert J, Greer A L Scientific Reports 2016 6 25832-1-25832-8
Effect of TiC particles on the liquid–liquid decomposition of Al–Pb alloys Sun Q, Jiang H X, Zhao J Z, He J Materials and Design 2016 91 361-367
Influence of a Direct Current on the Solidification of Immiscible Alloys Jiang H X, Sun Q, Zhao J Z Materials Science Forum 2016 879 2479-2484
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