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Preparation, Microstructure and High Temperature Performances of Porous γ-Y2Si2O7 By In Situ Foam-Gelcasting Using Gelatin Wu Z, Sun L C, Wan P, Wang J Y CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL 2015 41 10 14230-14238
Effects of Sintering Method and Sintering Temperature on The Microstructure and Properties of Porous Y2SiO5 Wu Z, Sun L C, Wang J Y JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2015 31 12 1237-1243
Theoretical Study on Crystal Structures, Elastic Stiffness, and Intrinsic Thermal Conductivities of β-, γ-, and δ-Y2Si2O7 Luo Y X, Wang J M, Li J N, Hu Z J, Wang J Y JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH 2015 30 4 493-502
Self-Assembled Ti3C2T2 Mxene Film With High Gravimetric Capacitance Hu M M, Zhang H, Li Z J, Zhang H, Hu T, Zhang C, Wu Z, Wang X H CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2015 51 70 2215-2217
Anisotropic Electronic Conduction in Stacked Two-Dimensional Titanium Carbide Hu T, Zhang H, Wang J M, Li Z J, Hu M M, Tan J, Hou P X, Li F, Wang X H SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015 5 16329-1-16329-8
Vibrational Properties of Ti3C2 And Ti3C2T2 (T = O, F, OH) Monosheets By First-Principles Calculations: A Comparative Study Hu T, Wang J M, Zhang H, Li Z J, Hu M M, Wang X H PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2015 17 15 9997-10003
Discovery of Carbon-Vacancy Ordering In Nb4Alc3-X Under The Guidance of First-Principles Calculations Zhang H, Hu T, Wang X H, Li Z J, Li M M, Wu E D, Zhou Y C SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015 5 14192-1-14192-10
Insights Into High-Temperature Uniaxial Compression Deformation Behavior of Ti3AlC2 Zhang H, Wang X H, Wan P, Zhan X, Zhou Y C JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY 2015 98 10 3332-3337
On The Faceted and Inclined Twin Boundary Of Titanium Carbide Derived From Nanolaminated Ti3AlC2 Zhang H, Qin Y F, Hu T, Wang X H, Zhou Y C JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY 2015 98 5 1664-1667
Electrically Conductive Honeycomb Monolith of Nanolaminated Ti3AlC2: Preparation and Characterization Fang X M, Wang X H, Zhang H, Zhou Y C JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2015 31 1 125-128
A Cost-Efficient Fabrication Strategy For Conductive Ti2AlC Honeycomb Monolith Using Elemental Powders Fang X M, Wang X H, Zhang H, Li Z J, Li J L, Zhou Y C ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS 2015 17 9 1344-1350
Microstructure Evolution of Al2O3/Y3Al5O12 Eutectic Crystal During Directional Solidification Wang X, Wang J Y, Sun L C, Zhang H, Wang L, Lou L H, Zhang J SCRIPTA MATERIALIA 2015 108 31-34
Mo2Ga2C: A New Ternary Nanolaminated Carbide Hu C F, Lai CC, Tao Q, Lu J, Halim J, Sun L C, Zhang J, Yang J, Anasori B, Wang J Y, Sakka Y, Hultman L, Eklund P, Rosen J, Barsoum M W CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2015 51 30 6560-6563
Irradiation-Induced Structural Transitions In Ti2AlC Wang C X, Yang T F, Xiao J R, Liu S S, Xue J M, Wang J Y, Huang Q, Wang Y G ACTA MATERIALIA 2015 98 197-205
High-temperature corrosion behaviour of plasma sprayed lanthanum magnesium hexaluminate coating by vanadium oxide Chen X L, Cao X Q, Zou B L, Gong J, Sun C JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY 2015 35 1 227-236
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