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Solidification of Al-Pb Alloy under the Effect of Micro-Alloying Element Ti and C Sun Q, Jiang H X, Zhao J Z Materials Science Forum 2016 879 2439-2443
Liquid phase separation and dual glassy structure formation of designed Zr-Ce-Cu-Co alloys Wang Z Y, He J, Yang B J, Jiang H X, Zhao J Z, Hao H R Materials Science Forum 2016 849 100-106
Phase structure and magnetic properties of Mn70Ga30-xSnx (x = 5-30) alloy ribbons Zhao X G, Tong M, Shih C W, Chang W C, Liu W and Zhang Z D IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS 2016 52 1 9500104 -1-9500104 -4
Microstructural depictions of austenite dynamic recrystallization in a low-carbon steel: a cellular automaton model Ma X, Zheng C W,Zhang X G,Li D Z ACTA METALLURGICA SINICA (ENGLISH LETTERS) 2016 29 12 1127-1135
Structure and energetics of nanotwins in cubic boron nitrides Zheng S J, Zhang R F, Huang R, Taniguchi T, Ma X L, Ikuhara Y, Beyerlein I J Applied Physics Letters 2016 109 8 81901-
Effects of surface treatments on the corrosion and erosion-corrosion of 304 stainless steel in 3.5% NaCl solution Zheng Z B,Zheng Y G CORROSION SCIENCE 2016 112 657-668
Evaluation of the dissolved oxygen related electrochemical behavior of pure titanium in acidic fluoride-containing solutions Wang Z B,Hu H X,Zheng Y G JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2016 20 3459-3471
Corrosion protection performance of nano SiO2/epoxy composite coatings in acidic desulfurized flue gas condensates Wang Z B,Wang Z Y,Hu H X,Liu C B,Zheng Y G JOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE 2016 25 3880-3889
Comparison of the corrosion behaviors of pure titanium and its alloys in fluoride-containing sulfuric acids Wang Z B,Hu H X,Zheng Y G,Ke W,Qiao Y X CORROSION SCIENCE 2016 103 50-65
Erosion-enhanced corrosion of stainless steel and carbon steel measured electrochemically under liquid and slurry impingement Zheng Z B,Zheng Y G CORROSION SCIENCE 2016 102 259-268
Microstructural changes and their effect on tensile properties of a Ni-Fe based alloy during long-term thermal exposure Changshuai Wang, YongAn Guo, Jianting Guo, Lanzhang Zhou Materials Science & Engineering 2016 670 178-187
Camma prime stability and its influence on tensile behavior of a wrought superalloy with different Fe contents ChangShuai Wang, YongAn Guo, JianTing Guo, LanZhang Zhou J. Mater. Res 2016 31 9 1361-1371
Microstructuralcharacteristics and mechanical properties of a Mo modified Ni-Fe-Cr based alloy Changshuai Wang, YongAn Guo, Jianting Guo, Lanzhang Zhou Materials Science & Engineering 2016 675 314-322
Influences of Cooling Rate After Solution Treatment on Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Superalloy Rene 80 Shuang Gao, Jie-Shan Hou, Kai-xin Dong, Lan-Zang Zhou Acta Metall. Sin.(Engl.Lett) 2016 -
Interfacial precipitation of the M5B3-type boride in Ni-based superalloys X.B.Hu, L.Z.Zhou, J.S.Hou, X.Z.Qin X.L.Ma PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE LETTERS 2016 -
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