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The effect of T-atom ratio and TPAOH concentration on the pore structure and titanium position in MFI-Type titanosilicate during dissolution-recrystallization process Jiao Y L, A.-L. Adedigba, N.F. Dummer, Liu J, Zhou Y T, Guan Y N, Shen H Y , M. Perdjon, G.J. Hutchings Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2020 305 110397-
Structured hierarchical Mn-Co mixed oxides supported on silicalite-1 foam catalyst for catalytic combustion, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering Guan,Y N,Shen H Y, Guo X, Mao B Y, Yang Z Y, Zhou Y T, Liang H, Fan X L, Jiao Y L, Zhang J S Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2020 28 9 2319-2327
Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) as hard templates for preparing mesoporous zeolite Y assemblies with high catalytic activity S. Abdulridha, J. Jiang, Xu S J, Zhou Z X, Liang H,Mao B Y,Zhou Y T, A.A. Garforth,Jiao X L, Fan X L Green Chemistry 2020 22 5115-5122
Structured Ni@NaA zeolite supported on silicon carbide foam catalysts for catalytic carbon dioxide methanation Zhang R X, Chen H H, Mu Y B, S. Chansai, Ou X X, C. Hardacre, Jiao Y L,Fan X L AIChE Journal 2020 66 11 e17007-
On developing ferrisilicate catalysts supported on silicon carbide (SiC) foam catalysts for continuous catalytic wet peroxide oxidation (CWPO) reactions Xiaoxia Ou, Fotios Pilitsis, Ninghui Xu, Arthur Garforth, Jinsong Zhang, Yilai Jiao, Xiaolei Fan Catalysis Today 2020 356 631-640
An efficient microwave-assisted chelation (MWAC) post-synthetic modification method to produce hierarchical Y zeolites S. Abdulridha, R. Zhang,Xu S J, A. Tedstone,Ou X X, Gong J C, Mao B Y, M. Frogley, C. Bawn, Zhou Z X,Zhang X R, S. Chansai, S.M. Holmes, C. Hardacre, A.A. Garforth, Yang S H,JiaoY L, Fan X L Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2020 311 110715-
Structured ZSM-5/SiC foam catalysts for bio-oils upgrading Ou X X, Wu C F,Shi K Q, C. Hardacre, Zhang J S,Jiao Y L,Fan X L Applied Catalysis A: General 2020 599 117626-
Kinetic study of esterification over structured ZSM-5-coated catalysts based on fluid flow situations in macrocellular foam materials Gao X , Ding Q Y,Wu Y, Jiao Y L, Zhang J S,Li X G, Li H Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 2020 5 3 485-494
Using ultrasound to improve the sequential post-synthesis modification method for making mesoporous Y zeolites Zhang R X, Zhong P N, H. Arandiyan,Guan Y N, Liu J M,Wang N,Jiao Y L, Fan X L, Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 2020 1 13-
Sequential Microwave-Assisted Dealumination and Hydrothermal Alkaline Treatments of Y Zeolite for Preparing Hierarchical Mesoporous Zeolite Catalysts Zhang R X, D. Raja,Zhang Y, Yan Y, A.A. Garforth,Jiao Y L, Fan X L Topics in Catalysis 2020 1 10-
CO Poisoning of Ru Catalysts in CO2 Hydrogenation under Thermal and Plasma Conditions: A Combined Kinetic and Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy–Mass Spectrometry Study Xu S S, S. Chansai, Xu S J, C.E. Stere,Jiao Y L,Yang S H, C. Hardacre,Fan X L ACS Catalysis 2020 21 6 12828-12840
Nonthermal plasma (NTP) activated metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) catalyst for catalytic CO2 hydrogenation Chen H H, Mu Y B,Shao Y, S. Chansai,Xiang H,Jiao Y L, C. Hardacre, Fan X L AIChE Journal 2020 66 4 e16853-
Systematic study of H2 production from catalytic photoreforming of cellulose over Pt catalysts supported on TiO2 Lan L,Shao Y,Jiao Y L,Zhang R X, C. Hardacre, Fan X L Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2020 28 8 2084-2091
Renewable hydrogen production from steam reforming of glycerol (SRG) over ceria-modified γ-alumina supported Ni catalyst A. Ismaila,Chen H H, Shao Y, Xu S J,JiaoY L,Chen X L, Gao X , Fan X L Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2020 28 9 2328-2336
Mechanistic study of non-thermal plasma assisted CO2 hydrogenation over Ru supported on MgAl layered double hydroxide Xu S S, S. Chansai,Shao Y, Xu S J, Y.-c. Wang, S. Haigh, Mu Y B,Jiao Y L, C.E. Stere, Chen H H,Fan X L, C. Hardacre Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2020 268 118752-
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