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Microstructure and oxidation behavior of a Ni plus CrAlYSiHfN/AlN multilayer coating fabricated by reactive magnetron sputtering Ren P, Zhu S L, Wang F H CORROSION SCIENCE 2016 104 197-206
The effect of yttrium addition on oxidation of a sputtered nanocrystalline coating with moderate amount of tantalum in composition Wang J L, Chen M H, Yang L L, Liu L, Zhu S L, Wang F H APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2016 366 245-253
Protection mechanism of enamel-alumina composite coatings on a Cr-rich nickel-based superalloy against high-temperature oxidation Wu M Y, Chen M H, Zhu S L, Wang F H SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 2016 285 57-67
TEM study of the evolution of sputtered Ni plus CrAlYSiHfN nanocomposite coating with an AlN diffusion barrier at high temperature Ren P, Zhu S L, Wang F H SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 2016 286 262-267
The importance of grain boundary complexions in affecting physical properties of polycrystals Dillon SJ, Tai KP, Chen S Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 2016 20 5 324-335
Experimental study on atomic-scale strengthening mechanism of the ⅣB transition-metal nitrides Han KC, Lin GQ, Dong C, Tai KP, Jiang X Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2017 696 572-579
Interaction effect between different constituents in silicate-containing electrolyte on PEO coatings on Mg alloy Yan Chen, Yange Yang, Tao Zhang, Wei Zhang, FuhuiWang Xiaopeng Lu b,Carsten Blawert b, Mikhail L. Zheludkevich Surface & Coatings Technology 2016 307 24 825-836
Shahverdi, Developing new microstructure through laser melting of electrospark layer of precipitation hardened nickel based superalloy M.Ebrahimnia,F.Malek Ghaini, Y. J. Xie & H. R Science and Technology of Welding and Joining 2016 21 570-577
Co-existence of homogeneous flow and localized plastic deformation in tension of metallic glassy Ni-P films on ductile substrate X.L. Lu, Y. Li, L. Lu Acta Materialia 2016 106 182-192
Ductile-to-brittle transition and materials' resistance to amorphization by irradiation damage Wang X, Zhang Y T, Liu P C, Yan J W, Mo W L, Zhang P C, Chen X Q RSC ADVANCES? 2016 6 50 44561-44568
Microstructure characteristics and mechanical properties of Al-12Si coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy prepared by cold spray technique Hao Y, Wang J Q, Cui X Y, Wu J, Li T F, Xiong T Y Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 2016 25 5 1020-1028
Microstructure, defects and mechanical behavior of beta-type titanium porous structures manufactured by electron beam melting and selective laser melting Liu Y J, Li S J, Wang H L, Hou W T, Hao Y L, Yang R, Sercombe T B, Zhang LC Acta Meterialia 2016 113 56-67
Electron beam melted beta-type Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn porous structures with high strength-to-modulus ratio Liu Y J, Li S J, Hou W T, Wang S G, Hao Y L, Yang R, Sercombe T B, Zhang LC Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2016 32 505-508
Superelasticity and tunable thermal expansion across a wide temperature range Hao Y L, Wang H L, Li T, Cairney J M, Ceguerra A V, Wang Y D, Wang Y, Wang D, Obbard E G, Li S J, Yang R. Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2016 32 8 705-709
Functionally graded Ti-6Al-4V meshes with high strength and energy absorption. Li S J, Zhao S, Hou W T, Teng C Y, Hao Y L, Li Y, Yang R, Misra R D K. Advanced Engineering Materials 2016 18 1 34-38
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