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The influence of cell morphology on the compressive fatigue behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V meshes fabricated by electron beam melting Zhao S, Li S J, Hou W T, Hao Y L, Yang R, Misra R D K. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2016 59 251-264
Microstructure and mechanical properties of open cellular Ti–6Al–4V prototypes fabricated by electron beam melting for biomedical applications Zhao S, Li S J, Hou W T, Hao Y L, Yang R, Murr L E. Materials Technology 2016 31 2 98-107
Microstructure Evolution of a Multifunctional Titanium Alloy Tian Y X, Hao Y L. Shape Memory and Superelasticity 2016 2 2 160-170
Estimation of Thermodynamic Properties of Cu–La Binary Alloy with Modified Miedema’s Theory Li Hai Hong,Zhang Shi Hong,Chen Yan,Cheng Ming,Song Hong Wu,Liu Jin Song RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMSITRY A 2015 90 1 11-17
Formability Improvement of Austenitic Stainless Steel by Pulsating Hydroforming Xu Y, Zhang S H, Chen Ming, Song H W Proc IMechE Part B: J Engineering Manufacture 2015 229 4 609-615
Influences of simple strain path changes on mechanical behaviours of pearlitic steel wire Zhao T Z, Zhang G L, Song H W, Cheng M, S. H. Zhang Materials Science and Technology 2015 31 3 310-316
Effect of external stress on gamma nucleation and evolution in TiAl alloys Teng C Y, Du A, Xu D S, Wang Y, Yang R Intermetallics 2015 65 1-9
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Tensile Deformation and Fracture of γ-TiAl with and without Surface Defects Wu H N, Xu D S, Wang H, Yang R Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2015 -
Grain Boundary-mediated Lattice Reorientation in α-titanium to Promote Plastic Deformation in Hard-oriented Grains Wang H, Zhou G, Qiu J K,Ye L H, Xu D S,Lei J F, Rugg D, Huang A J, Yang R. Proceedings of the 13th World Conference on Titanium 2015 -
Gradient plasticity in gradient nano-grained metals Zhi Zeng, Xiaoyan Li, Dongsheng Xu, Lei Lu, Huajian Gao, Ting Zhu Extreme Mechanics Letters 2015 -
First principles study of the elastic properties of Li2MnSiO4-ySy Zhu, L.Li, L.Cheng, T. M.Xu, D. S. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015 3 10 5449-5456
Interlayer Water Regulates the Bio-nano Interface of a beta-sheet Protein stacking on Graphene Lv, W. P.Xu, G. J.Zhang, H. Y.Li, X.Liu, S. J.Niu, H.Xu, D. S.Wu, R. A. Scientific Reports 2015 5 7572-
High-throughput calculations of the site occupation behaviors of alloying elements in titanum aluminides Ye L H, Xu D S, Yang R 1st Internatioanl Conference on Computaional Design and Simulation of Materials 2015 113-113
Variant selection during alpha precipitation in Ti-6Al-4V alloy under variaous applied stresses Zhang J H,Xu D S,Wang Y Z, Yang R 2015 International Symposium on Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of Materials 2015 110-110
Unusual stability of vacancy clusters in HCP-titanium revealed by first-principlescalculations Zhou G, He Y, Wang H, Xu D S, Yang R 2015 International Symposium on Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of Materials 2015 112-112
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