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Repeated Growth-Etching-Regrowth for Large-Area Defect-Free Single-Crystal Graphene by Chemical Vapor Deposition Ma, T;?Ren, WC;?Liu, ZB;?Huang, L;?Ma, LP;?Ma, XL;?Zhang, ZY;?Peng, LM;?Cheng, HM ACS NANO 2014 8 12 12806-12813
Increasing the Visible Light Absorption of Graphitic Carbon Nitride (Melon) Photocatalysts by Homogeneous Self-Modification with Nitrogen Vacancies Niu, P; Yin, LC; Yang, YQ; Liu, G; Cheng, HM ADVANCED MATERIALS 2014 26 47 8046-+
Wear mechanism transition dominated by subsurface recrystallization structure in Cu-Al alloys Chen, X;?Han, Z;?Lu, K WEAR 2014 320 41-50
Incommensurate structure of a new Nowotny phase in Fe-Ge system Li, WF; Li, Y; Ma, XL; Zhang, ZD MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 2014 148 3 490-493
A Graphene-Pure-Sulfur Sandwich Structure for Ultrafast, Long-Life Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Zhou, GM; Pei, SF; Li, L; Wang, DW; Wang, SG; Huang, K; Yin, LC; Li, F; Cheng, HM ADVANCED MATERIALS 2014 26 4 625-631
Microwave absorption properties of core double-shell FeCo/C/BaTiO3 nanocomposites Jiang, JJ; Li, D; Geng, DY; An, J; He, J; Liu, W; Zhang, ZD NANOSCALE 2014 6 8 3967-3971
Monolithic Fe2O3/graphene hybrid for highly efficient lithium storage and arsenic removal Li, L; Zhou, GM; Weng, Z; Shan, XY; Li, F; Cheng, HM CARBON 2014 67 500-507
Synthesis of Cu2O Nanospheres Decorated with TiO2 Nanoislands, Their Enhanced Photoactivity and Stability under Visible Light Illumination, and Their Post-illumination Catalytic Memory Liu, LM; Yang, WY; Li, Q; Gao, SA; Shang, JK ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2014 6 8 5629-5639
The global growth of graphene Ren, WC;?Cheng, HM? NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 2014 9 10 726-730
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