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Solidification of Al-Bi-Sn immiscible alloy under microgravity conditions of space Li W, Jiang H X, Zhang L L, Li S X, He J, Zhao J Z, Ai F SCRIPTA MATERIALIA 2019 162 426-431
Interfacial energy between Al melt and TiB2 particles and efficiency of TiB2 particles to nucleate α-Al Zhang L L, Zheng Q J, Jiang H X, Zhao J Z SCRIPTA MATERIALIA 2019 160 25-28
Effect of microgravity on the solidification of aluminum-bismuth-tin immiscible alloys Jiang H X, Li S X, Zhang L L, He J, Zhao J Z NPJ MICROGRAVITY 2019 26 5 1-9
Formation of nano-dispersed Cu particles during aging of a Fe-Cu alloy and dislocation effect Zhang L L, Jiang H X, Zhao J Z ADVANCED MATERIALS LETTERS 2019 10 4 263-266
Phase separation of Fe-Cu-Pb alloy and recycling of mixed metals in waste printed circuit boards Chen B, He J, Zhao J Z MATERIAL SCIENCE FORUM 2019 944 1265-1270
Tailoring Nanoporous Structures in Bi2Te3 Thin Films for Improved Thermoelectric Performance J.X. Qiao, Y. Zhao, Q. Jin, J. Tan, S.Q. Kang, J.H. Qiu ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019 11 41 38075-38083
Quantitative investigation on sink strength of nano-grain boundary for irradiation resistance P.Y. Mao, J.P. Cui, Y.C. Chen, J.H. Qiu, Q. Jin, J.X. Qiao, Y. Zhao, K. Cui, N. Gao, K. P. Tai Journal of Nuclear Materials 2019 526 #### 1-12
Flexible layer-structured Bi2Te3 thermoelectric on a carbon nanotube scaffold Q. Jin, S. Jiang, Y. Zhao, D. Wang, J.H. Qiu, D.M. Tang, J. Tan, D.M. Sun, P.X. Hou, X.Q. Chen, N. Gao, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng, X. Jiang Nature Materials 2019 18 1 62-68
Oxidation behaviors of Fe-25Cr-20Ni-χNb austenitic weld metals at 1100 °C in ambient air: Role of elemental niobium Zhang X, Li D Z, Li Y Y, Lu S P CORROSION SCIENCE 2019 159 10 108137-108137
The influence of niobium on the plastic deformation behaviors of 310s austenitic stainless steel weld metals at different temperatures Zhang X, Li D Z, Li Y Y, Lu S P MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A 2019 743 1 648-655
Effect of aging treatment on the microstructures and mechanical properties evolution of 25Cr-20Ni austenitic stainless steel weldments with different Nb contents Zhang X, Li D Z, Li Y Y, Lu S P JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2019 35 4 520-529
Crystal plasticity analysis of cylindrical holes and their effects on the deformation behaviors of Ni-based single-crystal superalloys with different secondary orientations Zhou H, Zhang X, Wang P, Lu S P INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY 2019 119 8 249-272
Numerical investigation on residual stresses of the safe-end/nozzle dissimilar metal welded joint in CAP1400 nuclear power plants Dong W C, Gao D B, Lu S P ACTA METALLURGICA SINICA (ENGLISH LETTERS) 2019 32 5 618-628
Antibacterial TiCu/ TiCuN multilayer films with good corrosion resistance deposited by axial magnetic field-enhanced arc ion plating Peng C, Zhao Y H, Jin Sh J, Wang J R, Liu R, Liu H, Shi W B, Kolawole S K, Ren L, Yu B H, Yang K ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2019 11 1 125-136
Optimization of mechanical property, antibacterial property and corrosion resistance of Ti-Cu alloy for dental implant Wang J W, Zhang S Y, Sun Z Q, Wang H, Ren L, Yang K JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2019 35 10 2336-2334
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