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Synthesis and modification of moisture-stable coordination pillared-layer metal-organic framework (CPL-MOF) CPL-2 for ethylene/ethane separation Xiang H, A. Ameen,Shang J, Jiao Y L, P. Gorgojo, F.R. Siperstein, Fan X L Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2020 293 109784-
Mesoporous Zeolitic Materials (MZMs) Derived From Zeolite Y Using a Microwave Method for Catalysis S. Abdulridha,Jiao Y L, Xu S J, R. Zhang, A.A. Garforth, X. Fan Frontiers in chemistry 2020 8 482-
Plasma-assisted catalytic dry reforming of methane (DRM) over metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)-based catalysts R. Vakili, R. Gholami, C.E. Stere, S. Chansai, Chen H H, S.M. Holmes,JiaoY L, C. Hardacre, Fan X L Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2020 260 118195-
Electroactive barium titanate coated titanium scaffold improves osteogenesis and osseointegration with low-intensity pulsed ultrasound for large segmental bone defects Fan B, Guo Z ,Li X K, Li S K, Gao P, Xiao X, Wu J,Shen C,Jiao Y L,Hou W T Bioactive Materials 2020 5 4 1087-1101
Creation of N-C=O active groups on N-doped CNT as an efficient carbocatalyst for solvent-free aerobic coupling of benzylamine Wei H, Ma Y, Luo J J, Wu K H, Xie W, Wen G D, Chiang C L, Yan W S, S. Perathoner, G. Centi, Liu. Y.F Carbon 2020 170 338-
A facile strategy based on the metal-free design of carbon to deliver an insight into the active sites for liquid phase carbocatalysts Wu S C, Pan X L, Xu S T, Lin Y M, Yan H, Wen G D, Diao J Y, Liu H Y Chemical Communications 2020 56 3789-
Biological Effects of a Three-Dimensionally Printed Ti6Al4V Scaffold Coated with Piezoelectric BaTiO3 Nanoparticles on Bone Formation Liu W, Li. X, Jiao Y, Wu. C, Guo S, Xiao X, Wei X, Wu J, Gao P, Wang N, Lu Y, Tang Z, Zhao Q, Zhang J, Tang Y, Shi L, Guo Z ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020 12 51885-51903
Superfine grinding induced amorphization and increased solubility of α-chitin Zhang W C, Zhao Y, Xu L, Song X Q, Yuan X X, Sun J Y, Zhang J S CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2020 237 116145-
Study of injectable Blueberry anthocyanins-loaded hydrogel for promoting full-thickness wound healing Zhang W C, Qi X M, Y. Zhao, Liu Y N, Xu L, Song X Q, Xiao C J, Yuan X X, Zhang J S, Hou M X INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS 2020 586 119543-
Large scale preparation of single chitin oligomers by the combination of homogeneous acid hydrolysis and reversed phase preparative chromatography Xu L, Xia D H, Zhang W C, Guo Z M, Jin G W, Zhao Y, Zhang J S CARBOHYDRATE POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS 2020 1 100016-
Tensile ductility and deformation mechanisms of a nanotwinned 316L austenitic stainless steel Zhang Y Z, Wang J J, Tao N R Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2020 36 65-69
Nanostructures and nanoprecipitates induce high strength and high electrical conductivity in a CuCrZr alloy Zhang Z Y, Sun L X, Tao N R Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2020 48 18-22
Fretting wear between Alloy 690 and 405 stainless steel in high temperature pressurized water with different normal force and displacement Ming H L,Liu X C,Lai J,Wang J Q,Gao L X,Han E.-H Journal of Nuclear Material 2020 529 2 151930-
Effect of Cr content on microstructure and properties of Mo0.5VNbTiCrx high-entropy alloys Xiang C,Fu H M,Zhang Z M,Han E.-H,Zhang H F,Wang J Q Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2020 818 3 153352-
Microstructure induced galvanic corrosion evolution of SAC305 solder alloys in simulated marine atmosphere Wang M N, Qiao C, Jiang X L, Hao L, Liu X H JOURNALOF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2020 51 15 40-53
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