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Tailoring Magnetic Properties of MAX Phases, a Theoretical Investigation of (Cr2Ti)AlC2 and Cr2AlC Wang J M, Liu Z M, Zhang H B, Wang J Y Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2016 99 10 3371-3375
Giant Phonon Anharmonicity and Anomalous Pressure Dependence of Lattice Thermal Conductivity in Y2Si2O7 silicate Luo Y X, Wang J M, Li Y R, Wang J. Y Scientific Reports 2016 6 29801-1-29801-11
Layered Structure Induced Anisotropic Low-Energy Recoils in Ti3SiC2 Liu B, Petersen B, Zhang Y W, Wang J Y, Weber W J Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2016 99 8 2693-2698
Porous Nano-SiC as Thermal Insulator: Wisdom on Balancing Thermal Stability, High Strength and Low Thermal Conductivity Wan P, Wu Z, Zhang H, Gao L Y, Wang J Y Materials Research Letters? 2016 4 2 104-111
Synthesis andcharacterizationofporousY2SiO5 with lowlinear shrinkage,highporosityandhighstrength Wu Z, Sun L C, Wang J Y CeramicsInternational 2016 42 13 14894-14902
Theoretical investigations of the effects of ordered carbon vacancies in ZrC1 x on phase stability and thermo-mechanical properties Zhang Y H, Liu B, Wang J M, Wang J Y Acta Materialia 2016 111 1 232-241
Theoretical Study on the Relationship Between Crystal Chemistry and Properties of Quaternary Y–Si–O–N Oxynitrides Sun L C, Liu B,Wang J M, Li Z, Wang J Y Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2016 99 7 2442-2450
Exploration of the low thermal conductivities of γ-Y2Si2O7, β-Y2Si2O7,β-Yb2Si2O7, and β-Lu2Si2O7 as novel environmental barrier coatingcandidates Tian Z L, Zheng L Y, Li Z J, Li J L, Wang J Y Journal of the European Ceramic Society 2016 36 11 2813-2823
Theoretical and experimental determination of the major thermo-mechanical properties of RE2SiO5(RE = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb,Lu, and Y) for environmental and thermal barrier coating applications Tian Z L, Zheng L Y, Wang J M, Wan P, Li J L, Wang J Y Journal of the European Ceramic Society 2016 36 1 189-202
Accurate Exploration of the Intrinsic Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Si2N2O by Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigations Wan P, Tian Z L, Luo Y X, Liu B, Wang J Y Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2016 99 3 988-995
Interlayer coupling in two-dimensional titanium carbide MXenes Hu T, Hu M M, Li Z J, Zhang H, Zhang C, Wang J Y, Wang X H PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2016 18 30 20256-20260
[100]-Oriented LiFePO4 Nanoflakes toward High Rate Li-Ion Battery Cathode Li Z J, Peng Z Z, Zhang H, Hu T, Hu M M, Zhu K J, Wang X H Nano letters 2016 16 1 795-799
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