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Structural Transitions Induced by Ion Irradiation in V2AlC and Cr2AlC Wang C X, Yang T F, Xiao J R, Liu S S, Xue J M, Huang Q, Zhang J, Wang J Y, Wang Y G Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2016 99 1769-1777
Mode III fracture toughness of the Zr61Ti2Cu25Al12 bulk metallic glass Song Z Q, Ma E, Xu J ACTA MATERIALIA 2016 109 275-285
The dissociation behavior of dislocation arrays in face centered cubic metals Li KQ Computational Materials Science 2016 124 384-389
Cottrell Atmospheres Along Dislocations In Long-period Stacking Ordered Phases In A Mg-Zn-Y Alloy Hu W W, Yang Z Q, Ye H Q SCRIPTA MATERIALIA 2016 117 77-80
First-principles study on the electronic structure, phonons and optical properties of LaB6 under high pressure L.M. Chao, L.H. Bao, W. Wei, O. Tegus and Z.D. Zhang Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2016 672 419-
Effect of nanopartice shape and size on optical properties of LaB6 nanoparticles L.M. Chao, L.H. Bao, W. Wei, Tegus O and Z.D. Zhang Plasmonics 2016 11 697-
Electrical properties of NiAs-type MnTe films with preferred crystallographic plane of (110) L. Yang, Z. H. Wang, and Z. D. Zhang Journal of Applied Physics 2016 119 45304-
Microwave-absorption properties of three kinds of structured Cu/C composites L.W. Jiang, Z.H. Wang, D. Li, D.Y. Geng, Y. Wang, J. An, J. He, W. Liu and Z.D. Zhang Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2016 15 5646-5662
Electron optics with pn junctions in ballistic graphene S. Chen*, Z. Han*(共同一作), M. M Elahi, KM Habib, L. Wang, B. Wen, Y. D. Gao, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J. Hone, A. W Ghosh, C. R Dean Science 2016 353 1522-1525
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Enhanced protective role in materials with gradient structural orientations: Lessons from Nature Liu Z, Zhu Y, Jiao D, Weng Z, Zhang Z, Ritchie R O Acta biomaterialia 2016 44 10 31-40
A remarkable improvement of low-cycle fatigue resistance of high-Mn austenitic TWIP alloys with similar tensile properties: Importance of slip mode Shao C W, Zhang P, Liu R, Zhang Z J, Pang J C, Duan Q Q, Zhang Z F Acta Materialia 2016 118 10 196-212
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