• YANG Huaiyu
    Title:Professor Email: hyyang@imr.ac.cn
    Tel. : +86-24-23915899 FAX: +86-24-23893624
    Division: Laboratory of Metal Corrosion and Protection
    Address: Laboratory of Metal Corrosion and Protection, Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR CAS), 62 Wencui Road, Shenyang, China, 110016



2004-2005 Visiting Scientist, Fontana corrosion center in Ohio State University

1996-1999 Ph.D. Institute of Corrosion and Protection of Metals, CAS
      Major: Material Science

1989-1991 M.S., Henan Institute of Chemistry
      Major: Physical Chemistry 

1988-1989 Graduate student, to study the fundamental courses for Master degree in University of Science and Technique of China

1982-1986 B.S., University of Lanzhou
      Major: Chemistry

Work Experience

1986-1988 Henan Institute of Chemistry

1991-1999,5 Institute of Corrosion and Protection of Metals, CAS

1999,6-Present Institute of Metal Research, CAS

Research Interest:

(1) Fundamentals and Technique for the Smart Controlled Release Systems of Corrosion Inhibitors.

(2) R/D of Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors.

(3) Corrosion & Protection in ProductionTransportation & Refining systems of Crude Oil and Gas.

(4) Corrosion and Protection of Steel Rebars in Concrete Structures and Microelectronic Devices.

(5) Green Chemical Conversion or Deposited Films.

Research Achievement:

1. The technique of corrosion inhibitors for steel rebar embedded in concrete structures near to the sea (Supported by the National Key Technology R&D Program, China)

2. The preparation and characteristics of corrosion inhibitor microsphere with the function of controlled release of pH response (Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China)

3. Controlling Release Mechanism and Preparation for Encapsulated Corrosion Inhibitors (Supported by National Key Project Plans)

4. Corrosion and Inhibition Mechanism of Carbon Steel in H2S Aqueous Solutions

5. Establishment of Evaluation Methods and the Screening of Inhibitors for Undersea Pipelines

6. Corrosion and Inhibition during the High Pressure CO2 Enhanced Oil

7. R&D of Environmental Friendly Inhibitor (Funded by AMOCO Company)

8. Corrosion Mechanism and Protection in Refinery Fed by High S Crude Oil

9. Acidic Cleaning and Protection for Stainless Steel or Al Alloy Frames Used in TFT-LCD Production

Service to the International Professional Societies:



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