• DUAN Deli
    Title:Professor Email: duandl@imr.ac.cn
    Tel. : +86-24-23971773 FAX: +86-24-23971778
    Division: Specialized Materials and Devices Division, Shenyang R & D Centre for Advanced Materials
    Address: Specialized Materials and Devices Division, Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR CAS), 72 Wenhua Road,Shenyang,China, 110016, 110016



1987/091991/07Jilin University, Department of Chemistry, Bachelor’s Degree

2000/092006/01Institute of Metal ResearchChinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor’s Degree

Work Experience

1993/07-   , Institute of Metal ResearchChinese Academy of Science, Special materials and Devices Division, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor

2008/092009/08, Ohio University, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, visiting scholar supported by China Scholarship Council

Research Interest:

Research on material tribology under special service conditions, including high-temperature/high-speed wear, corrosive wear and erosion

Research on thermal control material and technology, including preparation and performance evaluation of new thermal control materials and devices

Research Achievement:

Service to the International Professional Societies:



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