• Wei Yan
    Title:Professor Email: weiyan@imr.ac.cn
    Tel. : +86-024-23978990 FAX: N/A
    Division: Special Alloys Department
    Address: 72 Wenhu Road,Shenyang,Liaoning, 110016


2018.10-     Prof., Institute of metal Research;

2016.3 - 2017.3 Visiting scholar, Delft University of Technology, Netherland;

2011.10- 2018.9 Associated prof. Institute of metal Research;

2009.1 - 2009.3 Visiting scholar, Queen’s University of Belfast, UK;

2007.4 - 2011.9 Research assistant, Institute of metal Research;

2003.7 - 2007.9 Ph. D student, Institute of metal Research;

Research Interest:

1、Structural steels for nuclear energy system;

2、Liquid metal corrosion behavior of steels;

3、Strengthening and toughening of high strength steels;

4、SSC resistance of high strength low alloyed steels

Research Achievement:

1、mechanism of structural evolution in Fe-Cr basedalloys induced by simultaneous ion irradiation and LBE corrosion, Key fund from National Natural Science Foundation of China,2019.01-2022.12.

2、Study on the preferential distribution behavior of Boron under thermomechanical treatment in the martensitic heat-resistant steels of the 9Cr3W3CoB family, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2020.01-2023.12.

Service to the International Professional Societies:


Second prize of Natural Science award of Liaoning province, 2012.


1) Ye Liang, Wei Yan*, Xianbo Shi, Yanfen Li, Quanqiang Shi, Wei Wang, Yiyin Shan, Ke Yang. Study on W-rich M3B2 in a 9Cr3W3Co heat-resistant steel. Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2021, 10: 594-604.

2) Ye Liang, Wei Yan*, Xianbo Shi, Yanfen Li, Quanqiang Shi, Wei Wang, Yiyin Shan, Ke Yang. On Laves phase in a 9Cr3W3CoB martensitic heat resistant steel when aged at high temperatures. Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2021, 85: 129-140.

3) Quanqiang Shi, Wei Yan, Yanfen Li, Naiqiang Zhang, Yiyin Shan, Ke Yang, Hiroaki Abe. Oxidation behavior of ferritic/martensitic steels in flowing supercritical water. J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2021, 64: 114-125

4) Lingling Zhang, Wei Yan*, Quanqiang Shi, Yanfen Li, Yiyin Shan, Ke Yang, Silicon enhances high temperature oxidation resistance of SIMP steel at 700°C, Corrosion Science, 2020, DOI:doi.org/10.1016/j.corsci.2020.108519.

5) Hai Wang, Wei Yan*, Sybrand van Zwaag, Quanqiang Shi, Wei Wang , Ke Yang, Yiyin Shan, On the 650℃ thermostability of 9-12Cr heat resistant steels containing different precipitates. Acta Materialia, 2017, 134: 143-154.

6) Xianbo Shi, Wei Yan*, Dake Xu, Maocheng Yan, Chunguang Yang, Yiyin Shan, Ke Yang. Microbial corrosion resistance of a novel Cu-bearing pipeline steel, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 2018, 34(12): 2480-2491.

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