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Melt fluxing to elevate the forming ability of Al-based bulk metallic glasses B. J. Yang, W. Y. Lu, J. L. Zhang, J. Q. Wang & E. Ma Scientific Reports 2017
Gate-controlled reversible rectifying behaviour in tunnel contacted atomically-thin MoS2 transistor Xiao-Xi Li, Zhi-Qiang Fan, Pei-Zhi Liu, Mao-Lin Chen, Xin Liu, Chuan-Kun Jia, Dong-Ming Sun, Xiang-Wei Jiang, Zheng Han, Vincent Bouchiat, Jun-Jie Guo, Jian-Hao Chen & Zhi-Dong Zhang Nature Communications 2017
Grain boundary stability governs hardening and softening in extremely fine nanograined metals J. Hu1,Y. N. Shi, X. Sauvage, G. Sha, K. Lu Science 2017 355 6331 1292-1296
Playing with defects in metals Xiuyan Li & K. Lu NATURE MATERIALS 2017 700–701
Considerable knock-on displacement of metal atoms under a low energy electron beam Hengfei Gu, Geping Li, Chengze Liu, Fusen Yuan,Fuzhou Han, Lifeng Zhang & Songquan Wu Scientific Reports 2017
Tailoring the thermal and electrical transport properties of graphene films by grain size engineering Teng Ma, Zhibo Liu, Jinxiu Wen, Yang Gao, Xibiao Ren, Huanjun Chen, Chuanhong Jin, Xiu-Liang Ma,Ningsheng Xu, Hui-Ming Cheng & Wencai Ren Nature Communications 2017
Functional gradients and heterogeneities in biological materials: Design principles, functions, and bioinspired applications Zengqian Liu, Marc A Meyers, Zhefeng Zhang, Robert O Ritchie Progress in Materials Science 2017 88 467-498
Analytic approximations for the elastic moduli of two-phase materials Z. J. Zhang, Y. K.Zhu, P. Zhang, Y. Y. Zhang,W. Pantleon, and Z. F. Zhang Physical Review B 2017 95
Improvement of low-cycle fatigue resistance in TWIP steel by regulating the grain size and distribution C.W.Shao, P. Zhang, Y.K Zhu, Z.J. Zhang, J.C. Pang, Z.F.Zhang Acta Materialia 2017 134 128-142
Giant linear strain gradient with extremely low elastic energy in a perovskite nanostructure array Y. L. Tang, Y. L. Zhu, Y. Liu, Y. J. Wang & X. L. Ma Nature Communications 2017
The corrosion characteristic of a Ni-Al composite coating in 2M NaCl solution I. B. Onyeachy, E. E. Oguzie, X. Peng International Research Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry 2016 13 1-7
A Cr2CO2 monolayer as a promising cathode for lithium and non-lithium ion batteries: a computational exploration Li F Y, Cabrera C R, Wang J Y, Chen Z F RSC Advances 2016 6 85 81591-81596
Enhancement of mechanical property and corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steels by low temperature arc plasma nitriding Yang W J, Zhang M, Zhao Y H, Shen M L, Lei H, Xu L, Qiao J Q, Gong J, Yu B H, Sun C SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 2016 298 64-72
Predicting multilayer film's residual stress from its monolayers Guo C Q, Pei Z L, Fan D, Liu R D, Gong J, SUN C MATERIALS AND DESIGN 2016 110 858-864
Preparation and hot corrosion behaviour of Pt modified AlSiY coating on a Ni-based superalloy Liu R D, Jiang S M, Yu H J, Gong J, Sun C CORROSION SCIENCE 2016 104 162-172
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